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Programs Offered Daily

Language and Literacy

We are always working on reading, letter identification, letter sounds, creating words, and more.

Arts and Crafts

We paint, color, and create everyday!

Music and Movement

Music and movement is very important for a variety of developmental areas. We dance, shake, run, jump, and sing each day.

Cognitive Development

We work on our cognitive development by exploring logic, testing memory, and doing patterns.

Large Motor & Fine Motor Skills

We work on strengthening our little muscles with stickers, lacing, beading, tying, writing, latches, and more!

We work on building our large muscles through running, skipping, playing outside, using sports balls, and more!

Social & Emotional Development

We work on self-awareness, health, relationships, and more!


We are beginning to learn math concepts such as shapes, colors, numbers, counting, calendar, and simple addition. 

Scientific Thinking

We start the basics of scientific thinking. We look at cause and effect, weather, and nature.

Sensory Development

For sensory we utilize all of our senses, use different materials, and explore.


Construction includes wooden blocks, legos, and soft blocks.

Dramatic Play      

Dramatic play includes toys, props, and costumes.

Bible Study

Bible study includes worship, videos, reading from the Bible, praying, art, and movement.

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