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Lilies Classroom

Our Lilies classroom is our school age program. This classroom is open before and after school, on non-school days, and during the summer.  This classroom is very individualized. The varying ages allow for teachers to create individual curriculum for each student. During before school care children are prepped and ready for their day, we do a prayer and eat breakfast. In after school care we focus on homework, tutoring, and outside play.


The Lilies classroom receive an age appropriate portion of breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, and evening snack each day. 


The ratio in the Lilies classroom is 1 teacher to 15 children. Our maximum group size is 14. 

Rest time

When the Lilies are at Rosebuds they have quiet time while the rest of the center is sleeping. They do quiet activities, games, and work on our SMARTboard.

Classroom Environment

Our Lilies classroom provides a space that allows for enhancement of 

manual dexterity, large and small motor skills, self-concept,  self-esteem, science and health appreciation, listening skills and following directions. 

Schedule and Curriculum

The Lilies schedule is much like one you would find in a classroom. The children are taught subjects, given free time, spend time both indoors and outdoors, and have a variety of small group and large group experiences. The curriculum is specific to each child. 

"I love the Lilies program at Rosebuds Early Learning Center. My daughter attended last summer and we couldn't have been more pleased. She begged me to go back during the school year on her days off and the following summer, as well. I like how there is a smaller class size. I really feel like I was able to know the teacher. I was given a summary at the end of summer for how my daughter was doing in the class and that helped her transition into the next school year. I highly recommend sending your school aged children here!" -Hannah

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