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What are your hours of operation?

We are open Monday through Friday 6:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. 


What is your policy for closure due to inclement weather?

We do our best to remain open on days where the schools are closed due to severe temperatures, however, safety is always in our mind therefore there might be special circumstances in which the center Director will make a decision to alter business hours pending inclement weather.


Do you go outside in extreme weather?

Outdoor play occurs multiple times per day, weather permitting.  If excessive temperatures (both too hot and too cold) or inclement weather prevents children from playing outside, our teachers provide alternative indoor large motor activities such as obstacle courses, indoor recess films, dancing, and relay races in our long hallways. 


Are meals and snacks provided in the tuition cost?

All meals are covered in tuition. We serve a variety of hot and cold meals (breakfast and lunch) and nutritious snacks. Our school is equipped with a full-service kitchen, and meals are prepared onsite by our kitchen staff. All kitchen staff personnel are trained in USDA guidelines and certified food safety managers. Additionally, our kitchen staff can prepare allergen friendly meals.


What is your policy in breastmilk/formula?

We support any way you choose to feed your infant. We allow both breastmilk and formula or a combination of both. We encourage mothers to nurse at our schools whenever that is an option. All breastmilk and formula must come in prepared bottles each day (we do not mix). We do have an option of provided formula at Rosebuds.


What is your medication policy?

When it comes to administering medication, we follow local and state childcare licensing regulations. Our management handles and dispenses medication.


What happens if my child becomes sick at Rosebuds?

When your child becomes sick at school, we notify families by a phone call. Your little one will need to be picked up within 30 minutes. They will be kept in the office, if possible or separated from the rest of the classroom.


My child was always sick at their last school, will this happen here too?

Illness will happen at any daycare. Your child is being exposed to multiple other children, staff, and families. We do our best to prevent the spread of illness throughout our classrooms. Toys are sanitized weekly or when soiled. Classrooms are kept clean and sanitized. We try to reduce the number of staff that rotate through the classrooms. We have a strict exclusion policy. Sick children are kept away from healthy children. We also always make sure we are teaching hand washing and washing both children and staff hands multiple times throughout the day.


When can I talk to my child's teacher?

Communication is key in the success of Early Childhood Education. Face-to-face interactions will happen daily with your child's teachers. Families are invited to schedule meetings, phone calls, or send emails to their students' teachers. Parents can always message through our Brightwheel app, as well. 


Is there an open-door policy?

We welcome family visitors at any time! We encourage families to stop by to breastfeed, share a meal, read a story, or even play. 


Do you require families to sign children in and out? If so, why?

We do require families to sign their children in and out. We are able to record attendance, see who drops off/picks up, and keep up to date with scheduled times. This also gives us the opportunity to ensure the safety and accountability of the children.


How can I get more information about enrolling my child?

Please use the contact form to reach us! You can also give us a call at 651-459-4526. We are excited to get to know you :) 


What are your immunization requirements?

Rosebuds Early Learning Center follows the State of Minnesota recommended schedule of immunizations. Therefore, all children must be up to date on their vaccinations or have the immunization form signed and notarized if your child is exempt (medically or non-medially) from receiving vaccinations. 


What are the age ranges of children that attend Rosebuds Early Learning Center?

We enroll children 6 weeks to 5 years old. 


Why is Rosebuds Early Learning expensive compared to an in-home daycare?

There are many unique advantages to an Early Childhood Center v.s. an in-home daycare. We encourage you to visit Rosebuds to see the differences for yourself. 


What are the teacher to child ratios?

We run at all the ratios per Minnesota guidelines. Please visit our classroom pages for specific ratios.


What is your policy on vacation?

We offer one week of vacation per calendar year for each child enrolled.


What is your curriculum used at Rosebuds?

Our current curriculum is a combination of our Bible curriculum which is published from Concordia publishing titled "One in Christ" and additional activities and learning experiences created and implemented by each of our teachers. At your tour you will receive a packet that provides you with a sample of the curriculum in your child's room.


I only need 3 days per week, is this possible?

We do not currently offer part time childcare unless there's a substantial need for this and two part-time schedules fill one full-time space. 


Do you have a high rate of staff turnover?

In the Early Childhood industry there is a lot of turnover and there inevitably will be turnover at Rosebuds. We do pride ourselves in attracting and retaining our high-quality teachers. Many of our teachers have been employed for 2-4 years which is something we are so thankful for. 


I have more questions, what should I do?

We encourage you to visit us! We would love to answer all your questions. You can also call or email with any questions. 


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