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Buds Classroom

Our Buds classroom provides experiences that promote development in the physical, cognitive, social, and emotional aspects of your child's life. In this classroom infants are becoming toddlers. Our teachers work closely with each child to encourage and explore their growing need for independence. We provide and model a loving Christian environment. We help nurture you child in their next stage of life.


All meals in the Buds classroom are provided. Each meal comes age appropriately diced. We provide our Buds classroom with breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, and evening snack. 


With a low teacher-to-child ratio of 1:4 and a total class size of 8 our Buds classroom allows teachers to meet the needs of individual children. It also allows the ability to foster each child's development uniquely. 


Our Buds children sleep on cots. There is one naptime scheduled after lunch. If your little one is still taking two naps our teachers will work alongside you to transition them to one longer mid-day nap.

Classroom Environment

Our Buds classroom allows for the growing independence from infant to toddler. All toys are developmentally age appropriate for the varying stages. All furniture is size appropriate. The Buds classroom is set up in developmental areas to allow children to explore each area and grow in their skills.

Schedule and Curriculum

The Buds schedule is extremely flexible. This classroom contains both infants and toddlers and their schedule can change day to day. The teachers are beginning to introduce a daily schedule to the children. The classroom curriculum is carefully planned to allow for each learning level and to be developmentally appropriate for your child.

"My daughter started in Rosebuds in April of 2019. They have done a great job with her in every aspect. The app is quite useful and the staff keeps it updated well. The staff are very flexible and try to accommodate all of our requests. My daughter loves her teachers!" -Brittney

"My twins were enrolled in the Buds program during the fall of 2022. The teachers at Rosebuds did a fantastic job with the twins' transition from an in-home setting to a licensed childcare center. The Teacher in the Buds classroom went above and beyond to make us feel welcome each day and my kids loved exploring new and exciting learning opportunities with their teacher and new friends. The communication app- Brightwheel, was very useful and I really enjoyed receiving updates and pictures throughout the day. My children were always happy to go to daycare and I loved the level of care we received. I would highly recommend enrolling your children here! I have nothing but kindness and love for the whole team." -Andrea

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